Get Fresh-Caught Crawfish in Lafayette, LA

Get Fresh-Caught Crawfish in Lafayette, LA

When crawfish is in season, get it while you can from our seafood market

Chez Francois Seafood sells boiled, live or peeled crawfish on a seasonal basis. Louisiana’s crawfish season runs from the beginning of March to the end of June. The season peaks in early spring. Our sacks weigh about 30-33 pounds.

We also sell frozen crawfish when they’re in season. Call today to find out more information on pricing. You can buy them live and freeze them yourself, too. When you freeze crawfish, they’ll stay good for up to three months, if packaged correctly.

3 popular crawfish dishes you can prepare yourself

  1. Boiled Crawfish: It’s a Louisiana classic! Try making it yourself.
  2. Crawfish Bisque: It’s like lobster bisque—but we think it’s better.
  3. Crawfish Casserole: Put a twist on your traditional crawfish dish.

Don’t know where to buy the main ingredient? Stop by Chez Francois Seafood for fresh Louisiana crawfish while they’re in season.