Crack Into Sweet, Salty and Savory Crab

Get your fix. Stop by our seafood market in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Do you love cracking into steamed crab legs? Is crabmeat the staple ingredient in your Louisiana gumbo? If you love crabmeat, buy it fresh from Chez Francois Seafood, located just 35 miles from the Gulf of Mexico in Lafayette. Call us today at 337-234-8001 for more information.

Taste the difference of local, fresh-caught crab

Check out our current price list:

  • Boiled crab: Medium, $20 doz.; Large, $30 doz.; Jumbo, $50 doz. 
  • Live crab: Medium, 14.99 doz.; Large, $24.99 doz.; Jumbo, $39.99 doz.
  • Jumbo large crabmeat: Fresh, 19.99 lb.; Frozen, 19.99 lb.
  • Backfin white crabmeat: Fresh, 12.99 lb.; Frozen, 12.99 lb.
  • Claw crabmeat: Fresh, 12.99 lb.; Frozen, 12.99 lb.
  • Crabmeat fingers: Fresh, 15.99 lb.; Frozen, 15.99 lb.
  • Softshell crab: Frozen large soft shell crab, $5 each; Frozen whaler soft-shell crab, $6 each
  • Gumbo crab: $4.99 lb. 

What are you waiting for? Call us to inquire about the above and place your order.